My name is Dean Clatworthy, and I’m currently living in Helsinki, Finland.

My Skills

  • Develop, coordinate, and facilitate projects from stage of concept to full implementation.
  • Work well independently and within team-based environments.
  • Apply high level of motivation and organization to all professional endeavors.
  • Communicate effectively with diverse populations in written and verbal formats.
  • Create dynamic data driven web sites including personalization, search, and commerce functionality.

Web-based Application Development

A CMS can make or break a business. I have built content management systems for many of my clients, with the sole purpose of increasing their productivity and to make managing their content far easier. A custom CMS will fit your needs, as often pre-built solutions just don’t do the job. I can build a system that will work for you, and let you get back to writing valuable content that will help build your site into a success.

Web Design

A well designed website can enhance your content, appeal to your users and create a strong brand for your business. It’s not just important to create pretty visuals, but it’s also important to make your design usable, accessible and appealing. I specialize in building simple, elegant and professional design solutions for businesses. Contact me today to find out more!

Forum Software

A lot of my work over the years has been involved in working with forum software such as vBulletin or Invision Power Board. As well as working for the official vBulletin Modifications Community (vBulletin.org), I have released dozens of modifications, several custom designs and I’m currently working on a commercial search engine optimization add-on. You can see some more of my vast array of work with forums in my portfolio


Having been fortunate enough to work with some fascinating people and companies, I have gathered large amounts of experience in the construction of websites, internet marketing and how to best run a website. Web-strategies can be complicated, and inclined to fail if careful thought and consideration is not given. Let me help you through your difficulties, and turn ideas into results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural search results. Through intelligent link building, restructuring of your content to add value, and integration with search engine webmaster tools, you can really give your website a stronger presence. I have search engine optimized many of my sites in the past, with great success, and I’m currently building a commercial product to help SEO vBulletin forums.