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A chrome extension to revert to the old-style facebook chat

Let it be known, that I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I’ve not put out a status update or uploaded a photo in over 6 months, but the value in the service lies with being able to message friends and family in a country that I no longer live. It’s a great way of keeping in touch. I occasionally log on to the Facebook Chat to have conversations with friends, but recently to my dismay, Facebook revamped┬átheir chat in to a full-screen sidebar showing a mixture of online and offline friends. The logic behind this is baffling to me. It seems that the online friends which are displayed are mixed in with your most popular offline friends, that is to say those with whom Facebook thinks you interact with most (or stalk). It’s not very accurate and I was disappointed that a chat service didn’t display all online friends in one group.
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