Hello. I'm Dean Clatworthy

I build websites for a living. PHP/MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML5

Greetings! I'm originally from England but now I live in Helsinki, Finland. I've a BSc. in Computer Science and I've been building things with computers now for as long as I can remember. I particularly enjoy building web applications - and I specialise in both back-end and front-end web application development. I have a Github profile, where you can see some of my code. You can also reach me on Twitter, or fill in the contact form and I'll try to mail you back.


I'm always open to exploring new professional opportunities. Find out a bit more about what I can do and my skills. Or head straight over to my LinkedIn profile.

Recent work

Here are a few of my most recent projects. Or view all the projects.

AdCouncil: BecauseOfYou

Plan Finland: Sheboard

KONE: Machine Conversations (Part 2)

KONE: Machine Conversations (Part 1)

My writings

From time to time I like to write about things. Here are the most recent. Or view all the articles.

Running Crashplan on Ubuntu 18.10

Crashplan for Small Business is not supported (as of the time of writing) on any other Ubuntu version than 18.04 LTS. Th...

Migrating Jekyll to Hugo - my experience

For those that haven’t yet heard about it Hugo is a lightning-fast, and powerful static generator built using gola...

How to use native Symfony Validator translations in a Silex application

One of the problems I’ve encountered using the Symfony Translation component in Silex is that when using a fully q...

How to set up Apache vhosts correctly on Debian Jessie 8

After spinning up a new server today at DigitalOcean and trying to set up a new vhost, I could not get the default Apach...


I have open-sourced some things over the years. Please visit the tools page to take a look.

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