Hello. I'm Dean Clatworthy

I build websites for a living. PHP/MySQL, Javascript, CSS, HTML5

I have been developing websites now for over fifteen years and had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people over the course of my career so far. I have worked with small businesses & large corporations on their online presence and helped them become more successful as an online entity.

I have won numerous awards for my work and will try to highlight them below.

Below are some of my most recent clients & projects.

KONE: Machine Conversations (Part 1)

[Agency: hasan & partners] Our pitch was to bring KONE’s 24/7 connected services offering to life in the form of converting the messages sent by their elevators into a live chat between the elevator and KONE’s Cloud maintenance. This was a huge undertaking involving close liason with KONE’s R&D team.

Messages are forwarded from IBM Bluemix to a listening service which stores all messages and adds them into an Amazon SQS queue. A series of worker processes then consume queue items and convert them into text conversations and their respective audio. The website then consumes these messages from an API and displays them.

An interesting part of this process is how to go from raw data into chat messages. Messages are represented as a JSON object featuring all kinds of sensor data including what is happening to the elevator (moving floors, doors opening/closing etc.) and then things such as the speed of the elevator and the vibration. This JSON is decoded and then fed into Symfony’s expression language. This allows content editors to generate chat messages based on what is actually happening in the message. For example an expression might look like so: elevator.stop_floor >= 0 and elevator.duration >= 5 and elevator.duration <= 35 and the corresponding chat message might be: Arrived on floor elevator.stop_floor. Travel took elevator.duration seconds. This allows us to generate an unlimited amount of variation of content for the chat.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS, JS, AWS S3, AWS SQS, IBM Bluemix Cloud

Valio: Suksi Ladulle

[Agency: hasan & partners] Similar to the Fazer Chocolate Hunt project, we utilised a database of outdoor shelter locations to create pins on a map that people and their families could visit during the winter months leading up to the world skiijumping championships - in order to claim the chance to win a range of prizes.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Fazer: Chocolate Hunt

[Agency: hasan & partners] For this project we placed virtual pins on a map throughout the course of a week, in a large number of locations allowing people to rush to the pins each day and claim a token to be redeemed for free chocolate in the Fazer cafe in central Helsinki.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Takeda: Panamol Pöpeli

[Agency: hasan & partners] A web-based version of the classic memory game. Built as a single-page ReactJS app.

Technologies used: HTML5, React, CSS

TallinkSilja: Complaint Booth + Banner

[Agency: hasan & partners] We retrofitted an old English phone box with a fake phone, powered by Skype, in order to allow visitors to a complaint booth to vent their general frustrations to a moderator on the other end of the phone. If the moderator determined the complaint was interesting, they were able to remotely print a free cruise voucher using an internet-connected receipt printer.

We also created a banner which was featured on the front-page of many of Finland’s most popular websites, allowing people to complaint about their day - and be emailed a free cruise by moderators if the complaint was interesting. The banner served millions of views over the course of 5 days.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AWS

Awards won: Best Ads on TV

Metsä: Plan B

[Agency: hasan & partners] I created a static website, built using Jekyll, to showcase for potential Metsä customers how iconic structures might look and function if they were built out of wood.

Technologies used: Jekyll, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

hasan & partners: Eurobest booth

[Agency: hasan & partners] For the Eurobest 2014 Festival of Creativity, I was tasked with helping with the development of the hasan & partners stand at the Eurobest conference. This featured two installations:

  • two beer taps, that are only opened once you charge two or more mobile phones (made by perfect fools & myself)
  • a mobile phone powered slot machine to give away great prizes (made by me).

Sanoma: Big Things

[Agency: hasan & partners] For the Eurobest 2014 Festival of Creativity, we created a website for Sanoma - Finland’s biggest media house - to showcase inspirational quotes to do with marketing.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Plan: Sponsor of dreams installation

[Agency: hasan & partners] I created an integrated installation for Plan: Finland in Finland’s most busiest shopping mall which allows users to donate money into a box, and upon a successful donation it takes their photo. Photos are then displayed in a loop on the installation when a user is not activating it, and also on all other digiscreens around the shopping mall.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Motion tracking

Metsä: Tree Online

[Agency: hasan & partners] Highly interactive and visual website for one of Finland’s biggest companies. Featuring an interactive video timeline and plenty of other visual eye candy. A community area was also created to allow Metsä employees to share their knowledge about the interesting thing the company does. Praise must also go to my brilliant former colleague Johannes Neumeier who I worked very closely with on this project.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Awards won: FWA Public Shortlist

Lidl: Grillimaisteri 2014

[Agency: hasan & partners] Lidl asked us to create a new website for their 2014 activities for the Grillimaisteri brand. I created a back-end for the site to manage all the content including recipes, products, competitions, blogs etc. I was also responsible for the server configuration and deployment.

Plan Finland: Girls Day Printer

[Agency: hasan & partners] We were asked to create a campaign where every time an SMS donation is receieved, or the website is shared using Facebook or tweeted, a tiny receipt printer in downtown Helsinki will print a few words of the 80,000 word report that is released every “Girls Day” by Plan Finland. This required integration from a website that I was responsible for constructing and a printer software created by Perfect Fools.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

KONE: NanoSpace™

[Agency: hasan & partners] KONE required a highly interactive website, showing how replacement elevators can really benefit building owners. Their new elevators require the same space as the old elevators, but are more spacious inside thanks to modern technology. The website offered lots of interactive infographics showing the size difference, how the elevators are quieter and more efficient.

Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Helsingin Sanomat: For Advertisers

[Agency: hasan & partners] Full front-end and light back-end implementation for the new Helsingin Sanomat business page, aimed at promoting advertising opportunities in their digital media.

Angry Birds: Star Wars

[Agency: Luxus] I helped to concept and subsequently implement the official website for Rovio’s new title “Angry Birds: Star Wars”. Most of this work was HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and using Twitter Bootstrap for a responsive framework.

Awards won: 2 webby awards

Iitala: Online web store

[Agency: Luxus] Front end implementation for the Iittala online webstore. This involved a lengthy process of converting wireframes to prototypes to a full front-end implementation into Iittala’s CMS. The project lasted almost six months and was a great success as one of the first responsive webstores for a leading Finnish brand.

Other projects

Unfortunately the internet moves quickly. A lot of projects have a lifetime and are no longer online. Here is a list of other clients and websites I have worked with that are no longer online and available to show anymore:

  • Vepsäläinen: Hastens - I created the back-end for a small campaign site showing off a limited black edition of the iconic Hastens bed.
  • Silja Line: Memories - A small facebook application allowing users to share their photo memories of cruising the Baltic Sea.
  • TallinkSilja: Hulabloo - I created the front-end and back-end to power a large campaign site for TallinkSilja. The site allowed users to watch a video and answer some questions. If they answered the questions correctly, they would have a small chance of winning one of 100s of prizes.
  • Jolla: I coded the new homepage to co-incide with the international launch of the Jolla phone.
  • Naapurin Maalaiskana: I coded the back-end to power Naapurin Maalaiskana’s new website.
  • DNA: Summer campaign: A redesign of an existing DNA campaign site for the Summer.
  • DNA: Rotating hands iPad ad: A cutting-edge iPad ad for DNA, published in Helsingin Sanomat’s digital magazine, utilising the accelerometer to simulate the user’s hands within the application and keep them level.
  • Leiras: Calcichew: An interactive front-end campaign site offering users the ability to see if they have a deficiency of calcium in their diet.
  • Helsingin Sanomat: Summer campaign 2013 - Another single page campaign site for Helsingin sanomat to promote their multi-platform subscription offerings
  • Helsingin Sanomat: Spring campaign 2013 - A single page campaign site for Helsingin Sanomat to promote the sale of their subscription services.
  • KONE: Maintenance - A small campaign website for KONE featuring a roulette style competition that educates users on how KONE provides maintenance for its elevators - and offers users a chance to win dinner at one of London’s top restaurants. [Agency: hasan & partners]
  • Porispere - I created the front-end and back-end to power the website for a large music festival in Porispere.
  • Perspective UK - A short-term contracting role working on site to develop a suite of reporting tools for training providers throughout the UK.
  • Vizwoz - Contracting role, including implementation of an intelligent swear filter to prevent children from swearing at each other and using inappropriate language, real-time moderation screens to monitor inappropriate language that may fall outside the filter, administration control panel to manage users and payments and misc. other modules.
  • School Stickers - Implemented an internal system to log new orders and facilitate detailed statistical analysis on business data.
  • nPower - npower are one of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers. Whilst there I was responsible for the implementation of designed photoshop mockups, using the latest web technologies including XHTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Ultrashock - UltraShock is one of the internet’s most established flash communities. The Spring 2008 redesign involved developing a completely new site front-end in FLEX and integrating nrg.be’s beautiful design into a newly upgraded forum. I helped integrate the forums functions into the flash front-end of the site including vBulletin login via flash, as well as implementing the sites design into a stock vBulletin. I also developed custom modifications for the forum once the design had been integrated.
  • Warren County Schools - The Warren County Schools project was one of the biggest I had undertaken to date. The website was initially pitched to me with a detailed functional specification of how the site should work, and some design mockups. Working closely with my friends from VisualZen, I took their designs and implemented them using semantically correct, accessible, table-less designs. From there I developed a custom content management system which powered the whole front-end of the site via a control panel. Front-end features included a private portal for staff and board members, a calendar system and much more.
  • University of Pennsylvania - Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety - This project required a custom content management system developed using PHP/MySQL to effectively manage hundreds of pages of research papers that the university published to do with their academic research. Faculty members needed a private administration area to upload their findings, and display them to a worldwide audience.
  • TECKReviews - TECK Reviews started off as a small idea of mine after creating a design mockup for an independent outlet for software reviews. The idea escalated over the course of a summer, and I ended up with a fully fledged and powerful content management system to power the site. The design was done by myself. There was a community section where members of the site can share their experiences with hardware and software and get help if necessary.
  • UK Music - Minor consultancy work and guidance for programming team.
  • WominX.NET - WominX.NET required a custom content management system which would help them manage all of their content on their website. This included galleries, monthly competitions, e-cards and a searchable news system. A custom design was implemented to both the homepage and the forums.
  • Motorsport-Network - Installed misc. vBulletin modifications.
  • ComputerProblems.org - Completed implementation of a news feed from the forums to homepage.
  • LadiesMan - Implementation of a journal system into vBulletin software.
  • RapSearch - Installation of forums software and portal, implementation of a design throughout the site areas, installation of an ads system, misc custom forum modifications.
  • DiamondChitChat - Installation of forums software and portal, implementation of a design throughout the site areas, installation of an ads system, misc custom forum modifications.
  • RapMusic.com - Design of custom homepage header.
  • MidiBuddy - Implementation of a virtual pay-per-midi system. Users pay for a midi with virtual points they earn for posting around the forums.
  • My Travel Guide - Custom forum work including a member ranking system and portal modifications.
  • WominX.NET Forums - Upgrade of forums, custom modifications, installation of ads system and implementation of forums design.